2017/12/9    "Helene Fischer" Performance guest in Germany


2017/11/26   Hong Kong Badminton Champions 2017 Performance guest

2017/11/19    "照亮你生命" Liu Shih Kun Charity Concert

2017/11/18    Miss World Final 2017 Performance Guest

2017/10/8      "Monnalisa" Grand Opening Mini Catwalk Show 

2017/9/27      PandaACT n Family by Celine Tam x "Hattendo" First shop in H.K. Grand Opening

2017/7/19      Yan Oi Tong 40th Anniversary Diner

2017/4/20      MTR "The best of the best awards" Performance Guest

2017/2/18       "保良代代合家歡"親子慈善晚宴

2017/2            湖南衛視神奇的小孩

2017/1             RoadShow Award Presentation

2016/12/12      Hong Kong Toys Industry Dinner

2016/12/4        齊惜福老人院探訪慈善獻唱

2016/11/24      Festival Walk Xmas Lighting Up ceremony

2016/11/4        The opening of Franck Muller Wynn Palace Boutique

2016/10/26      萬歲同歡慶金秋

2016/10/20      HMV Music Launch Party

2016/10/1        香港同胞慶祝中華人民共和國成立 六十七周年文藝晚會

2016/9/16         Alice in Wonderland performance

2016/8/14         Celine Tam Internaional Fan Club 

2016/6/10         家駒…愛心延續演唱會2016 - Singing with Gigi Leung

2016/5/22         Joined GME China

2016/3/18         Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival 2016 - Singing

2015/10/29    Food for Food Charity Dinner Performance(Invited by Mrs Chief Executive Regina Leung                            Tong Ching Yee)

2015/10/27       Attend NBC network 's Little Big Shots which is edited by Ellen DeGeneres in America

2015/10/6         Brian Thomas Burrell X Celine Tam Mini Concert

2015/10/1         Performed in National Day reception(Invited by Chief Executive Mr CY Leung)

2015/6/10         SZTV "The flower of Shenzhen" shooting

2015/6/1           CCTV Children's Day Evening Party Guest

2015/5/23         The Community Chest Charity Show Guest


2015/3/21         TVB Joseph Koo Glorious Retirement Series Guest

2015/5/9           Hong Kong Hollywood Plaza Mother's Day Celine Mini Concert 

2015/4/19          JCI Lantau- Provisional Annual Dinner Guest


2015/4/11          Chickeeduck Kids - Spring and Summer Season Fashion Show - Singing Performance

2015/4/6            Tai Po Mega Mall "Sing and You Easter Show Coming to Town" Celine Mini Concert 

2015/2/6            Merchant Meeting in Taixing - Singing Performance 

2015/1/13-16     CSTV-Year of the Goat City Lunar New Year Ceremony

                          (Joint-broadcasting with 30 broadcasting channels)

2014/12/24        Harbor City Christmas Music Concert

2014/12/7          JSTV 2014  Touching Jiangsu- Outstanding Expatriates around us Ceremony Guest

                          (Fully supported and organized by province government)

2014/12/6          TVB  Tung Wah Charity Show - Singing Performance 

2014/11/30        ATV Hong Kong Loving Hearts Campaign- Singing Performance 

2014/11/19        TVB 48th Anniversary Special- Singing Performance 

2014/10/27        Hong Kong Baptist University Communication School 6th Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop                              - Singing Performance 



Other Performances

匯藝在杭州慈善晚會 2014 



New York Boardway Show - Power of Love



2013 Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra - I will always Love You



TVB Television Program 《Cultural Engine 4U》 - 酒干倘卖无



2013 World Vision Event 



2013 MGF Charity Party



2013 World Hear



Parent and Kids Singing comp. 2013 Champion



Metro Talent Kids 2013 



Metro Singing K Charity Show 2013



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