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Anti-Animal Products

To most of the people in the world, meat or animal products are probably the best tasting dish ever. But have you ever wondered what actually happens to the animals in the process? Take bees as an example, what we need bees for is their honey. When extracting the honey from the beehive, the bees are actually hurting in the process. Bee farmers normally just tear off the bee’s sensitive legs and wings off. They often cut off the queen bee’s wing to make sure it doesn’t leave the hive. After hearing this, what would you feel like having your arms and legs chopped up…? This is just bees, the cows, pigs, chicken, and other animals suffer too. So that is why I wanted to spread the awareness of this situation that no one really had and has cared about. Just because animal or food products are delicious, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about how they feel. Animals have feelings too, and most importantly, they have a life. Just like us. If I were to compare pets and animals, Just because animals aren’t labeled pets doesn’t mean we should kill them. But, to lean on the positive side, there are organizations where they aim to substitute animal ingredients for Anti- Animal Products. Anti- animal products are products that don’t require any animal ingredient in it. The products can either be cosmetics, food ingredients, or other products. What the companies do is that they try and replace ingredients with other meatless products. Of course, it’s hard to avoid animal products. Being a vegetarian/vegan is hard if you had started from a meat-eater. But let me tell you, everything is possible. Link To YouTube Video:

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I make plant based cheese, Celine. I'd like to ask your permission to use your letter/post here to display during my tastings, etc., perhaps even put it on my website, if that's OK. All credits given to you, of course and back linking to your official site.

Stay strong, stay deadly healthy and please, keep singing.

Mi piace
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