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Letter to Liz Murray

Dear Liz Murray

Hello Liz Murray, how are you? This morning, I watched your movie 'Homeless to Harvard,' that movie got me emotional! You loved your family so much that it touched my heart. It's like even though they are not here, your bond with them never disappears.

First of all, you were so brave when your parents were on a drug addict. You always took care of them and cared for them. No matter if they had aids or were addicted to drugs, you care about them having a good life and spending more time with them.

Secondly, you loved your mom, unconditionally. Your love with your mom was endless. You took care of her even though she was supposed to take care of you. It didn't matter if she was uncontrollable with drugs; you just wanted her to feel okay. I could feel the pain in your eyes when she sadly passed away.

What I liked the most was that you realized that you could do more with your life. Most of your life was being homeless and dealing with your parents. But you knew, you had to move on. 'Life is right now.' You understand that no matter what, you will always have your parents deep in your heart, buried deep down inside they are in your heart.

Something that made me emotional was how you and your sister bonded after years. You were asking for some clothes to wear for your interview. After that, she told you the heartbreaking news where she was going to go blind. I was devastated. Tears rushed down my face. You immediately hugged her, and you were shocked, not knowing what to say. All you needed was a hug, a hug from your sister.

The life lesson you taught me was that you kept on fighting for your mother and making her feel comfortable. The way that you helped your mother take a bath and helped her do the stuff she couldn't do, you did it. You didn't mind helping your mother; all you wanted was your mother to feel safe. The bond between you and your mother is so strong. And so now learning this lesson, I will keep and make the relationship between my parents even stronger and will always keep them first in my heart.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you for teaching me a life lesson. Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for being here. Also, Thanks to your parents too! I love you guys so much! Thanks so much for inspiring me.

Kind Regards,

Celine Tam from Hong Kong

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