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Ocean Pollution

Ocean Pollution Speech (Letter to Earth)

Dear Earth, After everything you have been through, I am so grateful that you are still able to be strong and living. As I look back in the past, we have done some horrible things to you. And the bad thing is, we keep damaging, you, our earth, our nature. So that is why I wrote this letter, I hope this letter will let me explain how sorry and grateful I am that you are still here with us.Mother Earth, what have we done to you. Your air, your land, your ocean is polluted. What else have we done to you? Why are we damaging our home, our land, our air? And we are harming the most important thing that we need in life; oxygen. The plants and trees we have grown in the past are being chopped up. Deforestation is happening right now, how can we survive if we don’t have enough oxygen to last us until 2030? Us humans aren’t aware of these situations! Even if we know that plastic is bad for the environment, we somehow still use plastic and throw it away. Yes, we have “recycling” bins, but thinking about it, not all of us throw it in recycling bins, and the bigger problem is, is that most products or packaging we use (e.g. plastic) aren’t even recyclable! All of this leads to climate change. Our worst monster of all. But this monster is created by us. We did this to us.Not only are we polluting, but we are killing innocent animals. They do not deserve to be killed, but somehow, we keep taking their lives away from them and treating them as our food. I am so sorry for eating the animals you worked hard for. I'm remarkably guilty of eating it for pride. I take back all the pork, chicken, seafood, and beef I have eaten. However, hunting is also a severe problem; poachers are killing them because of food and materials such as wool. The number of endangered animals is increasing. If hunting doesn't stop now, these animals will become extinct! Second of all, you allow us to interact with water activities, and our actions are unbelievable, we turn your ocean into a dump. It's like we don't care about the sea and the marine animals! We expect to be fed seafood, but in reality, we could be mistreating them. Imagine the marine animals eating the plastic that we throw away, getting fished out of the water, and finally entering our body. Our way of thinking isn't very logical.Speaking about it, it seems like a lot. However, not everything is impossible! We need to reduce the amount of pollution and damage. For the better, we should use more reusable products such as lunch boxes. Factories should also stop producing that much plastic since it can release toxic chemicals in the air.Another solution is to try and become a vegetarian. To some people, it may be a bit overwhelming. However, it can be worth trying! Because, at the end of the day, you will feel extremely proud because of saving a life! Nonetheless, not only do we have to stop eating it, but we have to cut down the killing. We should stand up, and address other people about this situation and let them know how serious this is!Lastly, we should use more natural resources meaning renewable energy. Right now, we are using fossil fuels and releasing greenhouse gases! Even though this is a quick way to produce electricity, it is still very toxic! By using renewable energy, we can deduce the amount of greenhouse gases but still be able to provide us electricity. Although this might take a while, this is definitely a much better option. In conclusion, after talking about all those challenges and problems we are facing right now, I just want to thank you. Thank you earth. Thank you mother nature. Thank you for still being able to support us no matter what. I want to thank you for giving us food. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to live. Sorry for everything I did wrong once again, I will improve gradually and learn from my wrongness. As time passes by, I hope we all come into agreement, take action together, and finally make our world a better place.

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